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How to Stop Your Cat from Destroying Your Furniture?

If you’re reading this Blog, chances are your cat is probably destroying your furniture.

So, what are your options? Should you punish it? Should you declaw it? Should you just give up and accept the idea that you won’t have a single piece of furniture left untouched?

Take a deep breath before you start panicking and remember declawing is not an option. DO NOT DECLAW!

Before we delve into the healthy and efficient ways to stop your cat from destroying your furniture, let’s focus on why do cat’s scratch.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

#1 Announce their territory to other cats…. Cats are territorial animals and communicate their presence by scratching. When they scratch your furniture, they are sending a signal to other cats that this area is their territory. In addition to revealing the visual scratched surfaces, scratching signals olfactory communication. Inside your cat’s paws are tiny scent glands.

#2 Maintain their nails…. Scratching helps your cat maintain the condition of its nails by shedding the outside layer as they grow.

#3 Muscle health…. During scratching, your cat will stretch their body helping them to maintain their muscles by exercising. The next time your cat awakes from a nap, you will notice your cat scratching to stretch her muscles.

Felines enjoy the experience of scratching and without it they will feel vulnerable and possibly aggressive or depressed, as they will be deprived of one of their most important and natural instincts.

How to Prevent A Cat from Scratching Furniture?

You can’t really stop a cat from scratching, however, you can redirect your kitty to some other target.

Since cats will not respond well to punishment, scolding, and aggression, felines will respond to positive reinforcement. This means discouraging the unpleasant stuff and encouraging the proper behavior by playing various mind tricks.

Scratching Pads

It might sound quite obvious, but Scratching Pads are an essential must-have item for every pet parent who’s looking after a feline creature. There are many scratchers on the market. Ideally a scratching pad should keep your kitty both entertained and well-exercised

You’ll need to strategically place it where your kitten seems to have taken up a liking towards the sofa or chair. In front or next to it.

Young kittens will learn the art of scratching the post more easily than older or senior cats, so be patient with your pet. Encourage it with verbal and physical praising, including petting and giving treats.

Use Catnip

Catnip is a magnet for cats of all breeds and ages. If you want your kitty to be attracted to the scratching pad, you should encourage it by spraying some catnip spray on it, sprinkling some loose-leaf catnip, or by applying several drops of catnip oil. It will do the trick!

The idea here is to discourage the cat from destroying your furniture by making the scratching pad more appealing than the sofa or the armchair.


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